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My Story

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In 2014, I gave birth to my beautiful son. Like many other Mother’s after birth, I was suffering from lower back and sciatica pain due to pelvic instability. One day while I was running errands I fell on the escalators with a sudden lost of sensation down my left leg. That prompted me to take my post natal rehabilitation seriously as I looked for alternative ways to heal from debilitating pain. Over the past 7 years, I’ve tested, tried and modified my fitness routine to make sure my body is fit to teach, to function optimally to help me cope with the demands of everyday life and most importantly, to help me take care of my family responsibilities. I can’t wait to share my healing and fitness journey with you using a multidisciplinary approach to body care.

My wish to the practice is for people to find their ‘neutral’ base point, by unwindling the years of accumulation of ‘mind stuff’, arriving at a place of neutrality- from that point on we can then build strength and fluidity (flexibility/mobility) in becoming well.

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